Back for the New Year

Christmas is over and done with for another year and despite having little money we had a lot of fun. I took the boys second hand shopping so they could get gifts for their mother and they both chose really well, the eldest got her a nice hat (very good in this heat) and a cookbook and the youngest got her some clothes and a lot of plushies.

I also planted some tomato plants, they went from little 5cm plants to 80ish cm in a little over two months. The tomatoes are still getting ripe but…. soon I will have fresh tomatoes 😀

I also come from a long line of builders so I am building my wife a chicken coop out of old shipping pellets, I have been at it for 3 days and am 15 pellets disassembled… all of that work in one day as day two was 10°c, raining, and wind warning, and the next day was 32°c and I got burnt within 10min lol (my wife forgot to tell me to put on sunscreen on)

I have also had a Kickstarter arrive, the third and final Canvis game Finishing Touches. My wife and I have been on a bit of a board game bender learning and playing all three of the Canvis collection as well as Roll Camera and the Pathfinder card game. We tried teaching the kids but board games were too slow and boring for them lol. The eldest did try Canvis for a bit and enjoyed it but the other two were over his head.

For New Year’s Eve we also played a lot of Cards Against Humanity, there were some great combos coming out however nothing I can repeat in the open. After that we settled down to a whole lot of Epic Spell Wars and I learnt the tipsier you get the harder it is to say some words and the more you laugh when trying to pronounce them.

But enough of my holidays, how have all of you’re hollidays gone?


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