Creating Dark Matter characters in Modern AGE

Dark Matter, the beloved science fiction TV show, has captured the hearts of many with its intriguing characters and complex narratives. If you’re a fan of the show and an avid tabletop RPG player, you might be itching to bring these captivating characters into your gaming world. In this post, we’ll explore how to create the Dark Matter characters in a modern age RPG setting, allowing you to embark on adventures inspired by the show.

  1. Android – The Synthetic Companion: The Android in Dark Matter is a sophisticated and self-aware AI character, capable of a wide range of abilities. In your Modern AGE RPG, you can recreate her as an artificial intelligence character with customizable modules that grant various powers and skills. Consider using the Artificial Intelligence background and Cybernetics telents for these enhancements. She should excel in Accuracy (Virtuality), Intelligence (Cybernetics, Computers, Cryptography, and Synthlife), and Perception (Codefinding).
  2. One – The Enigmatic Leader: One, the level-headed leader of the crew, can be translated into a modern age RPG character by creating a charismatic and versatile leader archetype. Focus on Communication focuses, such as Communications (Persuasion, Leadership, and Persuasion) or Intelligence (Tactics). One’s mysterious past can be represented through a hidden backstory that unfolds as the campaign progresses.
  3. Two – The Fierce Warrior: Two, the formidable combatant of the Raza crew, can be brought to life as a modern age RPG character specializing in combat skills. Consider playing as a melee-focused character, using martial arts or advanced weaponry. Select a background and profession that complements her combat prowess, like a military, soldier, or even a cyborg with integrated weaponry.
  4. Three – The Reckless Rebel: Three is the impulsive and daring member of the crew. To create a character similar to Three in your RPG, opt for a rogue or a mercenary archetype with skills in Stealth, Sabotage, and Security. His devil-may-care attitude can be expressed through his personality traits and in-game choices.
  5. Four – The Stoic Swordsman: To recreate Four, the honorable swordsman and martial artist, in your modern age RPG, choose a martial artist class with a focus on melee combat. Give them proficiency in Historyand Heavy Blades. Explore the concept of loyalty and honor in your character’s backstory and role-playing.
  6. Five – The Young and Resourceful: Five, the resourceful and clever character, can be represented as a skilled hacker, engineer, or tech specialist in your RPG game. Focus on intelligence, technical skills, and adaptability. Consider building a backstory that involves a shadowy past that only becomes clear as the campaign unfolds.
  7. Six – The Morally Grounded: Six’s sense of justice and moral compass can be embodied in your modern age RPG character by choosing a profession and background that emphasizes ethics, diplomacy, and insight. He should excel in negotiation, investigation, and mediating conflicts within the party.

Conclusion: Creating Dark Matter characters in a modern age RPG allows you to immerse yourself in the thrilling universe of the show and embark on exciting adventures with a crew of diverse and intriguing characters. Tailor your character’s abilities, backstory, and personality to capture the essence of the Dark Matter crew, and get ready for a sci-fi RPG experience like no other.

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