Simplifying Character Creation with Modern AGE RPG Player Aids

With more books coming out for Modern AGE RPG, it’s no secret that character creation options can sometimes become overwhelming. Do you find yourself wondering if a particular background, profession, drive, or talent is available in this book or that book? Fear not! We’ve got a solution for you.

We’ve created a handy PDF that compiles all the backgrounds, professions, drives, focuses, talents, specializations, equipment, weapons, and armor for Modern AGE RPG in one convenient place. Whether you’re a player looking to streamline the character creation process or a game master seeking quick references, this resource will prove invaluable for your adventures in the Modern AGE.

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By purchasing through our affiliate link, you not only get access to an extensive library of Modern AGE RPG materials but also help support our efforts to create more useful resources like this PDF.

Character creation in Modern AGE RPG should be a fun and creative experience, not a daunting task. With our Player Aids PDF, you’ll have all the tools you need to streamline the process and get back to what truly matters – telling fantastic stories in the modern world. Happy gaming!

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